At CCAD, we are asked to plan, coordinate, design, advertise & host an event. I choose to create Columbus Brew Crawl as an introduction to those who might not know or understand beer culture and the community surrounding it. 
Columbus Brew Crawl is a self-paced brewery crawl featuring five local breweries in Columbus, OH: Land-Grant Brewing Co, Antiques on High, Parsons North Brewing Co, Seventh Son Brewing Co, and, Combustion Brewery & Taproom. It also featured the history of beer, beer culture & Columbus. 
Logo for the event.
This is the social media marketing I did through Instagram and Facebook.
A closer look at the graphics created for social media.
Poster that hung around CCAD's campus & at the brewery locations.
Created an Eventbrite page for the event to sell tickets & used it as another platform to advertise.
Passports that were given to participants at the start of the crawl.
Video recap made from clips the day of the event, edited by me, Cayla Clonch.
Videos from: Hailey Ware, Jagger Stutzman, Chris Clonch, & Matthew Mohr.
The editorial calendar was created for the crawl in a different class. Created to show how the brand could put out content to reach the audience with the idea that the crawl was a continuous event not just a one-and-done deal.
Presentation Board that hung up at CCAD's Chroma student art show.
Other graphics created to advertise the event.
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