For this project, we were asked to make a brand of our choosing within any industry we wanted, I chose to create Bitter Bitch Brewing Co. After my capstone project I discovered an interest in product design and branding for beer companies. I wanted to use this project as a way to get some exposure in these specific areas.

When conceptualizing my brand I wanted to focus on the clear divide that exists in the beer community today: women don't drink beer or avoid it entirely out of fear of the stereotype that follows women within been culture.
To tackle this within my brand I decided to create a beer brand for women by women to break that mold. I used the outlaw and jester archetypes to help guide my brand along with the five words I chose to also help support my brand, female-forward, witty, unapologetic, guerilla, and badass
A quick overview of the brand and the deliverables created for my brand
Company mission statement:
We at Bitter Bitch Brewing co welcome and embrace femininity into the beer community through witty and sarcastic humor. Our focus is to eliminate the stereotypes that follow women throughout beer culture, leaving misogyny in the past, and creating an environment that celebrates the part women have played in beer history.
Above: Packaging designs for three of the signature brews.
Below: Two poster designs for the brand.
Above: A preview of what BBB's Instagram grid
Below: Mockup of an individual post
Above: The company's website homepage 
Below: A pop-up banner on the site to promote customer interaction and promote their newsletter
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