ADVE3630 Web Strategy & Design: Project 2 HTML and CSS concepts
proj description here
This is a Ziggy's, a local sports bar, current website. I've actually done a rebranding of this bar in a pervious project and a website touch up was one of my deliverables and i wanted to actually do a slight re-do of the website with HTML and CSS coding. 
I really wanted to add the new logo and the updated food images i created perviously to the current website. Along with doing that i wanted to do some other slight modifications such as change the colors and fonts of some of the type. 
This is Whits frozen custard, a local Ohio chain for frozen custard. Their mobile website looks really good but there are some big spaces on the mobile layouts so i would like to remove some of that extra space and rearrange some of the layouts.
In this image I added padding to the top and bottom of the arrows
Re-wording some of the copy 
I moved the newsletter section further up since it was originally at the bottom of the site
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